Tiger Woods Masters odds: How realistic are his chances to win a sixth green jacket in 2023? (2023)

Tiger Woods has made more history than most sports stars could even dream of throughout his career as a professional golfer. At this weekend's 2023 Masters, he has a chance to add to his list of accomplishments and officially join the rarefied air of Jack Nicklaus. A sixth green jacket for Tiger would not only tie the Golden Bear for most ever, but Woods would also unseat Nicklaus as the oldest player to ever win the major tournament. Let's review Tiger's odds to pull it off, as well as any other Woods-related lines and betting props.

It has been a long and winding road for the greatest golfer of the modern era, but the incredible highs of his first decade and a half as a pro flipped dramatically to dire lows throughout the 2010s, a decade that plagued Woods with major injuries, substance abuse issues, marital problems, and a severe car accident that almost claimed his life.

Yet through it all, Woods has persisted, and here we are planning to watch the 47-year-old at the Masters, the same major he first played as an invited amateur way back in 1995. A babyfaced 19-year-old, Woods ultimately finished 41st that weekend. He went pro a little over a year later in August of '96. Within the first eight months of his pro career, he won three PGA Tour events — including the '97 Masters by a whopping 12 strokes. Before the first anniversary of his pro debut, he had reached No. 1 on the Official World Golf Ranking.

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Woods proceeded to reign supreme as the most dominating force in the sport for the vast majority of the early 2000s. From August 1999 through October 2010, he won 13 major championships, including his second, third, and fourth green jackets. Then came the speed bumps, which read like the script of a 'True Hollywood Story' about a 1980s rock band. The bad days made for great comebacks, and Woods' triumphant return to glory at the '19 Masters will forever be etched into the history books of the legendary sport.

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History books were made to be revised, and a win for Woods this weekend would add plenty to his list of personal records, not to mention fortify the argument of the Tiger crowd that views him as the GOAT of golf. He has already been the youngest person to ever win the Masters at 21 years and a little over 100 days. A victory at Augusta National this Sunday would also give Woods the distinction of being the oldest to ever win the major tournament. Nicklaus won his final Masters — and last major in general — in 1986 at 46 years, 82 days. Woods turned 47 on Dec. 30.

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So, now that you're caught up on the history behind Woods and the potential history he could make this weekend, let's look at his actual odds to make history and determine whether we should make a bet on him.

Day-by-day TV coverage| Tee times, groups for Round 1

Tiger Woods Masters odds 2023

Woods isn't among the favorites to win the 2023 Masters, but some sportsbooks certainly aren't listing him as too deep of a long shot. BetMGM lists Woods with the 28th-shortest odds to win out of the 88-person field, a testament to the veteran's track record at Augusta National. He was listed with the 13th-shortest odds to win at this time last year.

This will mark Woods' second tournament start of the 2022-23 PGA season after finishing T45 at the Genesis Invitational on Feb. 19. He played three tournaments last year: Masters, the PGA Championship, and the British Open. He finished 47th at the Masters, withdrew from the PGA Championship after the third round, and missed the cut at the Open at St. Andrews' Old Course. Tiger's emotional final walk over Old Course's Swilcan Bridge made for a bittersweet memory and a clear sign that the end of his career could be near.

But while Woods may not play the Old Course again, the veteran taking a yearly trip to Augusta National remains a very good possibility. As long as he's upright, oddsmakers will take caution when setting his odds to win a green jacket. Here's how the books have Woods' odds listed this weekend:

SportsbookWinTop 5Top 10Top 20

These odds are certainly longer than most golf fans and bettors are used to seeingfor Woods. That said,if any other golfer on the tour missed as much time as Tiger hasdue to injuries suffered from a major car accident, their odds would bea lotlonger than those of Woods. So, all things considered, some ofthese odds are actually surprisingly short.

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Now, let's take a look at some of the Tiger Woods Round 1 specials listed on BetMGM:

Tiger Special Prop — Round 1Odds
To shoot 72 or lower-120
To make 4+ birdies/eagles-110
To birdie or better on both par-5s on the back 9 (13th, 15th)+500
To make an eagle+700
To go bogey-free+1800

Not surprisingly, the most appealing props in this group are the ones with the shortest odds. Woods typically starts strong at Augusta National, and in therecent past, we have seen him falter sometime between the second and fourth days. Last year, Woods carded an opening-round 71but followed that up with a 74 and two 78s, finishing a whopping 13 over. In the COVID-19 edition of the Masters, which bizarrely took place in November of 2020, Woods shot 68-71-72-76. During his miraculous 2019 win, he posted 70-68-67-70 and nearly broke the Internet.

Lastly, let's take a look at BetMGM's Tiger-related cut props:

Tiger Cut PropOdds
To make the cut-190
To miss the cut+150
Tiger and Phil Mickelson both make the cut+160

Again, we see not only the level of respect bestowed upon Tiger's name and reputation, but also the cautious nature of sportsbooks when dealing with veterans who havesuper-talented pasts. We even have a Lefty sighting! We would bet on Tiger making the cut, but we wouldn't recommend laying action on both Tiger and Phil seeing Day 3.

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Tiger Woods' 2023 Masters odds, explained

Why are the odds for Woods to win the Masters shorter than expected? As Sporting News golf expert Jacob Camenker explained last year, "it all has to do with how sportsbooks operate."

"Sportsbooks typically like to have balance when collecting wagers. In other words, if anyone — be it the public or a sharp bettor — puts significant money on any golfer to win, the sportsbooks will shorten that player's odds. Why? Because it prevents them from accruing too large a liability on any one golfer, as that would hurt the books if the golfer won the event.

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By shortening the odds, bettors can still collect money on athletes like Woods. However, they can do it at a discount that will not cost the books much — if any — business short-term, but it will also cost them less long-term in the event that one of the most heavily-bet golfers, like Woods, wins.

Currently, it's thepublic bettors that are placing wagers on Woods to win the tournament at a notable clip. Woods always garners a significant amount of public betting action because he is one of the sport's most popular athletes. That's part of why his odds are typically so low even when he hasn't been playing at his best — or at all.

Casual bettors love to bet on their favorite athletes to win. So, they bet Woods no matter what the odds are."

Perfectly stated by my colleague. The name of the game for sportsbooks is to draw action with attractive odds and then adjust the lines accordingly to offset liability. Tiger winning is much more of a long shot than some of his listed odds suggest, but conveying the false narrative that he's a good bet could lure the casual bettor into backing the veteran to pull off the improbable. Then, when Tiger bets start to quell, the books can always offer more bets with better payouts to command more betting interest.

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Comparing Tiger Woods' Masters odds to 2022

Woods returned to the Masters last year after a one-year hiatus following his Masters win in 2019 and his tough showing in '20 that saw him post a final-round 76. He missed the famed major in '21 as he recovered from injuries sustained in a car accident.

The combination of Tiger's rust and his miserable 2022 Masters showing have ballooned his odds in a major way. In fact, his odds to win on DraftKings and FanDuel last year were nearly half what BetMGM and DraftKings have his outright winner props listed at this year. Even his "Top 5" and "Top 1"' odds have risen considerably, which is pretty wild for a guy who was listed with the third-shortest odds in '18 and who won the whole thing in dominant fashion in '19.

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Below is a full look at Woods' 2022 Masters odds compared to his '23 odds.

Tiger's Masters 2022 Odds
SportsbookWinTop 5Top 10
Sports Interaction+5000n/an/a
Tiger's Masters 2023 Odds
SportsbookWinTop 5Top 10

Just like we saw in last year's British Open, Woods is seeing some of the longest odds he has ever faced in a major. It makes plenty of sense for the books to lengthen them, as he simply does not play very much anymore. Even when he does play a tournament, the grueling physical demands of four rounds always seem to catch up to him by the end of the tournament.

That said, the books will never be able to lengthen Woods' odds too much, and that's thanks to (a) the public's insistence upon betting Woods no matter the obstacles with which the all-time great golfer is dealing and (b) his history of odds-defying brilliance at Augusta National.

Should I bet Tiger Woods to win the Masters?

Even if you are just making a lottery-ticket, low-stakes bet, a wager on Tiger to win the Masters at this point in his career seems almost like a throwaway. We don't expect a dominant, four-round showing like he exhibited in 2019, if for no other reason than the fact that he rarely even plays anymore. We're talking about betting a rusty 47-year-old to beat out dozens of the best players in the sport for the coveted green jacket.

If you're betting anything Tiger-related, bet him to score a 72 or better in Round 1 (-120) or to make the cut (-190), and if you want to make a bet with longer odds but reduce your volatility, consider betting him to go bogey-free in the first round (+500). Again, we love Tiger in the opening round of the Masters, but we'd fade him completely after the middle rounds.

Anything's possible, but the odds are stacked against Tiger making history and taking down his sixth green jacket as the oldest Masters winner of all time. We get being a fan of the most dominating golfer of the past three decades, but as bettors, we also must commit ourselves more to reason than rooting interests.


Tiger Woods Masters odds: How realistic are his chances to win a sixth green jacket in 2023? ›

Speaking of Woods, you know Augusta is dear to his heart. Tiger has won this event six times, including his improbable victory in 2019. His odds are currently +6600 to win it all.

Can Tiger win 2023 Masters? ›

Let's be honest for a second: Tiger Woods will not win the 2023 Masters.

What are the odds of Tiger Woods winning the 2023 Masters? ›

What are the odds of Tiger Woods winning the Masters? Last year, Tiger Woods recorded a score of 13-over-par and finished 47th. This was the worst score of his professional career at Augusta. In 2023, Woods hopes to bounce back, and his odds are currently set at +6600 (bet $10 to win $670 total) to win it all.

What are odds of Tiger playing at Masters? ›

Woods is a long shot in the 2023 Masters odds at Caesars Sportsbook however, at 60-1. Defending champion Scottie Scheffler, aiming to be the first back-to-back winner since Woods, is the 2023 Masters favorite at 13-2, followed by Rory McIlroy (15-2), and Jon Rahm (8-1).

Who will win the Masters 2023? ›

The 2023 Masters odds from Caesars Sportsbook list Scheffler at 10-1 to repeat. Jon Rahm is going off as the 7-1 favorite, with McIlroy (8-1), Cameron Smith (12-1), Jordan Spieth (15-1) and Justin Thomas (16-1) next in line on the PGA odds board as several of the top 2023 Masters contenders.

Will Tiger Woods play in the 2023 Masters? ›

Tiger Woods' run at the 2023 Masters is over. “Due to injury, Tiger Woods has officially withdrawn from the Masters after completing seven holes of his third round,” Augusta National announced early Sunday.

Will Tiger be cut from Masters? ›

2023 Masters: Tiger Woods withdraws Sunday during third round after making 23rd straight cut at Augusta. Tiger Woods has withdrawn from the 2023 Masters after aggravating his plantar fasciitis.

Who has the best odds on the Masters 2023? ›

McIlroy is 15-2, while reigning champion Scottie Scheffler is the 13-2 favorite in the latest 2023 Masters odds from Caesars Sportsbook. Jon Rahm is 8-1 among the 2023 Masters contenders, while 2015 winner Jordan Spieth and Cameron Smith are 14-1.

Who is the favorite to win this year's Masters? ›

The co-favorites are Jon Rahm and Rory McIlroy, both listed at +750 odds (Bet $100 to win $750).

What does plus 750 odds mean? ›

Odds expressed in terms of money, with $100 being the standard. If the odds are minus (–), then that amount of money must be wagered to win $100. (e.g. –150 means you must bet $150 to win $100.) If the odds are plus (+), that amount of money would be earned on a successful $100 wager.

What are the odds on Tiger winning the PGA? ›

Woods' US Open odds are identical to the PGA Championship listings at +6600 in what will be his first start at the national championship since 2020. Woods was still in the early stages of rehab in 2021 and he chose not to tee it up in 2022, focusing his efforts on prep for the 150th British Open at St. Andrews.

What is Tiger Woods career winning percentage? ›

Sam Snead, who holds the all-time record for victories on the PGA Tour, won at about a 10 percent clip. Tiger, for his part, has won 78 out of the 286 times he's teed it up on the PGA Tour. That's right, he's won a mind-blowing 27.3 percent of the tournaments he's entered.

How long can Tiger play in majors? ›

Can he play the majors? Woods won the Masters and PGA Championship four times each and can thus play in both events for the rest of his golfing life.

What are the odds of winning the 2023 Masters Lottery? ›

The official lottery for the Masters starts on June 1st and runs through the 20th of each year. Your chances of winning are 0.55% so you may need to find other methods to get a ticket.

How likely to win Masters tickets? ›

With four separate drawings of equal odds, 2 million applicants and 11,000 winners per day, the math looks like this: 11,000/200,000,000 = 0.0055. Thus, we believe the odds of winning the Masters lottery for a single-day tournament ticket to be 0.55%.

Can you play Augusta if you win the Masters? ›

A Masters winner is an honorary member and may take the coat off the premises the year he is champion.

How is Tiger Woods doing at the Masters 2023? ›

- Tiger Woods has withdrawn from the 2023 Masters Tournament. The 5-time champion finished seven holes of his third round Saturday before rain suspended play. Woods was +9 for the tournament, virtually out of contention for his record-tying sixth green jacket.

Why did Tiger Woods withdraw from Masters 2023? ›

Masters 2023: The best pictures from Augusta

Tiger Woods will not resume his third round at Augusta National Sunday after the five-time Masters champion withdrew from the tournament because of a foot injury.

Has Tiger Woods ever missed the Masters? ›

Woods was still an amateur, so he's never missed the cut at Augusta as a professional. The cut at the Masters in 2023 is the top 50 players and ties following the second round, which Woods was within after finishing his second round on Saturday.

What is the cut for the 2023 Masters? ›

What is the cut line for 2023 Masters? After some late fluctuation, the cut line for the 2023 Masters ended up at 3 over par. That means a number of high-profile names will miss the weekend, most notably Rory McIlroy, who finished play Friday at 5 over.

Who made the Masters Cut 2023? ›

Also making the cut from the Saudi-backed league: Patrick Reed (-3), Cameron Smith (-2), Harold Varner III (-1), Jupiter's Dustin Johnson (-1), Abraham Ancer (-1), Tequesta's Mito Pereira (E), Talor Gooch (+2), Jupiter's Charl Schwartzel (+3) and Thomas Pieters (+3).

How many golfers can make the cut for the Masters? ›

From 2013-2019, the low 50 players and ties and those within 10 strokes of the leader qualified for the final 36 holes. Beginning in 2020, the low 50 players and ties qualify for the final 36 holes.

What is the biggest winning margin at the Masters? ›

Woods was the youngest winner of the Masters, 21 years 104 days old when he won in 1997. Woods also set the record for the widest winning margin (12 strokes).

What is the best way to get Masters tickets 2023? ›

The easiest way to obtain tickets to the Masters is buying on the secondary market. This year's tournament at Augusta National will begin with practice rounds April 3 and runs through April 9. Tickets are available now on resale sites VividSeats, StubHub and SeatGeek.

Who has the best score on every hole at the Masters? ›

The highest score recorded on a single hole at the Masters is a 13, which has happened three times: Tommy Nakajima on the 13th hole in 1978, Tom Weiskopf on the 12th hole in 1980 and Sergio Garcia on the 15th hole in 2018. Garcia made a mess of the hole that was one of the keys to his victory one year earlier.

Can Liv golf players play in majors? ›

LIV golfers in the majors. Fortunately for Greg Norman's men, LIV golfers are allowed to play in this year's four biggest tournaments – especially after the R&A made the first move and made it clear the Open won't be abandoning 150 years of history by making such a drastic move.

How much do I win if I bet $100 on odds? ›

The odds indicate how many times your stake will be multiplied in your total payout. For example: A $100 bet at 1.50 odds will pay out $150 ($50 profit, plus your $100 stake).

Is it better to have plus or minus odds? ›

If you see a minus sign next to your bet, your payout will be less than 100% of your initial investment if you win the bet. If you see a plus sign, your payout will be more than 100% of your initial investment. The minus sign on a ML bet also indicates the team is favored.

Are plus odds good or bad? ›

The odds for favorites are accompanied by a minus (-) sign and indicate the amount you need to stake to win $100. On the other hand, the odds for the underdogs are accompanied by a positive (+) sign and indicate the amount won for every $100 staked.

Why is Tiger so good at golf? ›

Tiger Woods began his ascent to the top of the golf world early in his career. His father taught him the game of golf and coached him carefully. Tiger strove for excellence and built excellence into his daily training, and he carries this goal with him daily (Peters and Austin 1989).

What is the most prestigious golf tournament to win? ›

The Masters

The Masters has long cemented itself as the world's premier golf tournament, held each year at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. Winning the hallowed green jacket represents the pinnacle of any golfer's career.

What are the odds Tiger Woods misses the cut? ›

Woods shot 74 to open this year's Masters, and he's now -170 at Circa Sports to miss the cut and +150 to play the weekend.

Who is better Tiger or Jack? ›

Woods has played in eight Ryder Cups and boasts a 13-21-3 record. Nicklaus has played in six, with a 17–8–3 record. Nicklaus is 1-1 as a U.S. captain in the Ryder Cup and 2-1-1 leading the Americans in the Presidents Cup.

How good was Tiger at his peak? ›

In his prime

During that stretch he won two World Golf Championships, the FedEx Cup and two Majors, and he was only beaten by six golfers in 11 events. His handicap at this point was an absurd +9.4 which is the highest it's ever been in his career.

Who has more wins than Tiger? ›

Jack Nicklaus has won the most majors, achieving 18 victories during his career. Second on the list is Tiger Woods, who has won 15 majors to date; his most recent major victory was at the 2019 Masters.

Does Tiger have a lifetime exemption? ›

As the winner of, well, basically everything else in golf, Woods has a lifetime exemption on the TOUR and can play literally any event he chooses whenever he wants outside of the PGA Championship and the US Open.

Does Tiger have a lifetime tour card? ›

On the PGA Tour, there are currently only two players competing under the lifetime membership category: Vijay Singh and Davis Love III. Other players, like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, have that status but do not yet need it.

Could Tiger lose his tour card? ›

if you don't perform to a certain level, then there is a chance you lose your tour card and have to earn it back.

How much does it cost to go to Augusta Masters? ›

What's included with your daily badge?
Day at the Masters (including Masters course access and Hospitality, Monday thru Sunday)Pricing Per Person
Saturday (Women's Amateur, no hospitality)$850
Sunday (Drive, Chip, and Putt, no hospitality)$450
Monday (Practice Round)$1775
Tuesday (Practice Round)$1975
5 more rows

What is the average Masters ticket? ›

Daily grounds passes for The Masters cost $140 while practice round tickets for Monday-Wednesday are just $100, which is wholly reasonable. A weekly badge if you're lucky enough to get one would cost $450.

How much is a ticket to Sunday at the Masters? ›

Select Badge passes cost $450 for all four days of the tournament in 2023. That's up from $375 in 2022, though it's still cheaper than tickets purchased through the lottery (at $140 per tournament-round ticket, it would cost $560 to attend all four days of the Masters). How do you get Series Badge Patron tickets?

Can an average person play at Augusta? ›

Can I play a round of golf at Augusta National or can I go visit the course? No. Augusta National Golf Club is a private club and is only accessible to club members and their guests. The public may visit the course only during the Masters Tournament and only with the proper ticket or badge.

Do you get to keep the Masters green jacket? ›

The jacket remains the property of the Augusta National Golf Club and can never be sold.

What is the most popular food item served at the Masters? ›

Sometimes, the simplest food item can be one of the most loved and that's definitely the case when it comes to the egg salad sandwich. It's an absolute Masters food classic and no frills needed – for a buck and some change you get 2 slices of bread housing some fresh egg salad.

Who has the best odds to win the Masters? ›

2024 Masters Top 10 Contenders
  • Jon Rahm +750.
  • Scottie Scheffler +900.
  • Rory McIlroy +1000.
  • Jordan Spieth +1600.
  • Patrick Cantlay +1600.
  • Justin Thomas +2000.
  • Cameron Smith +2200.
  • Xander Schauffele +2200.

How many majors should Tiger have won? ›

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Fifteen majors? Tiger Woods could have won five more, surpassed Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 and sat at 20, Gary Player says. All Woods had to adjust, the nine-time major winner said, was to have told others to stop adjusting him.

Why did Tiger withdrew from Masters? ›

“I am disappointed to have to WD this morning due to reaggravating my plantar fasciitis,” Woods said on Twitter. “Thank you to the fans and to (at)TheMasters who have shown me so much love and support. Good luck to the players today!”

Who is the best bet for the Masters 2023? ›

Scheffler has established himself as the 13-2 favorite in the 2023 Masters odds at Caesars Sportsbook, putting him ahead of 2023 Masters contenders like Rory McIlroy (15-2) and Jon Rahm (8-1).

What are the odds of a Liv player winning the Masters? ›

Key Facts. Pre-tournament odds from FanDuel Sportsbook imply a LIV golfer has a 19% chance of finishing Sunday at Augusta National Golf Club as the outright Masters winner.

Who is a better golfer Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods? ›

Nicklaus had 57 runner-up finishes in his career and 269 top-10s while Woods had 31 runner-up finishes, or 26 behind Nicklaus, and 199 top-10s, 60 less than the Golden Bear. With the exception of total wins, Nicklaus beats Woods in every category. He's now 83, and it says here he's still the GOAT.

How many wins does Tiger need to pass Jack? ›

SAN DIEGO – Jack Nicklaus celebrated his 80th birthday Tuesday, but it was another Golden Bear benchmark that Tiger Woods was asked about at Torrey Pines.

How many majors does Tiger have compared to Jack Nicklaus? ›

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PlayersPGA Tour winsMajor wins
Jack Nicklaus7318
Tiger Woods8215
Dec 24, 2022

Did Tiger ever graduate from college? ›

He didn't not graduate. Tiger Woods attended college at Stanford University from 1994-1996. He was at Stanford for two NCAA golf seasons (1994-95 and 1995-96) before leaving college after his sophomore year to turn professional.


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